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Statistics show that if a company's records are lost in a fire, 17% can no longer furnish a financial statement, 14% suffer a reduction in credit rating and 43% go out of business completely. No home or business is safe from fire. Your vital records and possessions are only as safe as the quality of protection you provide for them. With Gardall fire resistive safes, you can be confident your records will survive. Click picture at left to see 2 hour safes.


Designed to protect money collection where immediate deposit is required. Deposit can be made into the safe while the door is locked. Exclusive baffle design resists contents being removed through the entry opening. Hopper rotor is built into the safe body and cannot be removed to gain access to the safe.

 Click picture at left to see Depository safes.




These B rated burglary safes are great for commercial storage or home use. They feature laser cut 1/2 plate steel doors, large locking bolts and bolt down capability. Available in four different sizes

Click picture at left to see  B rated burglary safes .